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Edward Kim offers freelance services in graphic design and web development in a limited capacity. If you are interested in working with Edward on your next project, select this option.

Project Maintenance

If you are an existing client and would like to re-open your project or request maintenance of a closed project, select this option.

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If you have a general question or comment, select this option.

New Project Inquiry

Do you have an interesting project in mind? I'd love to hear more about it. Please note that I accept clients on a very limited capacity due to my time as a student. Please anticipate a response to your inquiry no later than 72 hours after submission. You may receive a phone call in response to your inquiry.

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Projects with RFPs, NDAs, or confidential information

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When can I anticipate a response?

Please allow up to 72 hours for a response to your inquiry. This is to provide me ample time to determine whether I am able to take on your project, and if so, to prepare any documents necessary to move forward.

Do you charge by the hour, or a project fee?

This depends on the scope of the project. Smaller, one-off design projects are generally billed by the hour. Projects which are larger in scale – for instance, building an entire website – are assessed with a project fee, which is determined by the scope of work. Any additional requested work which is outside of this scope is not honored unless the project is revised to include additional hourly fees or a new project fee.

Any details on payment upfront?

All projects are quoted either an estimate of hours or a project fee. To initiate a project, 50% of all fees must be paid upfront as a Project Commencement Fee. This fee also serves as the kill fee should you decide to prematurely terminate a project. Fees for third-party services, including hosting and web domains, are not included in this quote and are assessed in the final invoice.

What web development services do you offer?

My area of expertise is custom-tailoring a WordPress website for individuals and small businesses. This provides you with ample resources to extend your website after I finish your project. I am able to provide limited services for websites on Squarespace and Webflow. I do not provide development services for larger companies, but I am able to provide web design services for developers to incorporate.

Are you willing to work for free to boost your portfolio or resume?

I generally do not offer pro bono services to clients as my time is limited from schoolwork.

Do you offer services in architecture or product design?